Friday, February 6, 2009

Double Green Shopping Bag

Janet Pray of Islander Sewing Systems sent the following:

Islander Sewing Systems announces our brand new pattern the "Double Green Shopping Bag". Now until February 15, the pattern is only $6.95 with free shipping. The website will say $4.95 shipping and we will delete the shipping on your order. For more information or to order please click on the link below and enjoy!

I'm still feverish but can say check out their products. I had a good experience with the pants DVD that was put together by Margaret Islander, Janet Pray's aunt. I don't know if it is still the same--come to think of it, what I was using was a video. Let me know if you get it and like it. The shopping bag looks like a good size, and there are usually techniques to inform sewing wearable art. I've ordered mine, will let you know more later. In the meantime, remember that there's a deadline of Feb. 15 for this deal.

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