Monday, March 2, 2009

My Basic Barely Wearable Art Jacket on Me

I'm posting a photo taken yesterday. This was at the baptism of my grandnephew Damian and includes his parents, America and Matthew. The person on the end is yours truly wearing that jacket I was going to embellish with beads etc. before I wore it again. (Click on the photo to get a larger view.) I've been too sick lately to work on it but decided it would do for the event. I learned two new things about it--I still need to beef up the body because it just can't hold up the band. The body fabric sags in no time and the band kind of sticks out and flops around at the end of the sleeves and in back. I'm considering ironing a fusible black tricot inside. It might be better than adding a lining--it really needs more "oomph" in the body fabric. (Comments? I'd love to hear your suggestions--don't be shy.) I have a short neck and always reduce height of standing collars by half. The band is pretty high in back of my neck and was bothering me--I see I have it pushed back. Not everyone would find it to be a problem--this is just a note. So with this photo you get to see how it sits on my body--even if it's sitting a bit crooked here. I hadn't added bust darts so that's also why it pulls up in front.

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