Tuesday, April 21, 2009

This is Only a Test

I've been struggling with this new printer/scanner. So far it hasn't scanned or copied anything though it's supposed to have the capability. I've finally analyzed the problem, sort of. It can't see the paper or the image, almost as though something is covering that part of the equipment. Second, this new printer no longer has the HP software that allowed me to prepare photos for the blog. It was so quick and handy and now all I can do is make photographs for scrapbooks! Now I can call support since I know better what I'm talking about. However, I want to see what the blog software can do for me so that's why this test.

What about the photo? Last Saturday a house burned down above our house. I stood on the deck with camera and binoculars and watched the flames eat relentlessly. First went the porch, I could see the railing turn to ash, I could hear the crackling, watched the smoke change colors, and heard small explosions. I thought it was various kitchen appliances, but no, the owner had weapons stashed inside.

Sunday I drove up the hill for a look. There's nothing left but burned remnants of a home. Now it's just a garbage dump.

So not much dyeing or sewing done in this house. I did dye silk with left over easter egg dyes. I put the packages into the microwave a couple of times, but the dye liquid still had color, even though I didn't have enough and it all soaked into the fabric immediately. I decided to let it sit overnight. Life got in the way, so the packages have sat outside overnight, got microwaved again, then left out in the sunshine for two days. Maybe tomorrow I'll unwrap them again. I might overdye with Koolaid. Last week I forgot to include the photos of the new Jacquard Indigo Dyes kit, so here is one that shows what you can do with it.

More later, I have stories piled up for you!

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