Friday, October 16, 2009

Shows to See (and Shop)

"Signatures" Fashion Show and Champagne Luncheon will be held on Sunday, November 8, 2009, 12:30pm - 3:00pm, at the Palos Verdes Art Center, in Palos Verdes, CA (in the Los Angeles area). (postcard design by Justine Limpus Parish)
Justine Limpus Parish will be showing her Fall/Holiday Collection among 22 artists in this group show. Featured are elegant and unusual wearables from clothing, accessory, and jewelry designers. Special performance by swing and ballroom dancers will be part of the show which also includes a runway fashion show and designer boutique. Tickets: $35 - advanced purchase required
charge by phone - call PVAC 310-541-2479 Ext 302
I've seen photos from past shows as well as knowing several of the artists involved. This is quality, upscale wearable art! Hope you can go!

This is the weekend of both the International Quilt Festival in Houston and the Pacific International Quilt Festival in Santa Clara. Both have photos and lists of winners online so check their websites until you find it all. Houston is I didn't check but heard that they already are showing winning quilts and wearables. The wearables would be from the IQF show since the Bernina show is no more. I also wish they could show the garments from the luncheon where people like you and me are willing to show their work. Often this is how people progress to making Fairfield/Bernina garments--no telling what will replace that quality of show and garments. I like to watch the Houston videos of the shows. Not like being there but at least you have some sense of what you're missing.

PIQF in Santa Clara had last year's winning wearables up today, and will eventually show this year's winners. I had a bronchitis and diabetic setback today so didn't leave the house, but plan to be there tomorrow, photographing as much as possible. Stay tuned for my take on it. I'll be missing Karen Boutte's fashion show where she rounds up various locals who make wearable art. I always like to go to see what people are making in the area but these days I have to be home earlier. If you're there and take pictures, or even if you could just tell me about it, I would really appreciate it so I can share the evening with everyone. You can find me on Facebook if you don't find my email address via the blog.

Add Color to Our Lives
Since I was at home today on a rainy day when I wished I could be out shopping, I spent a bit of time daydreaming at the computer and found things of interest to us. There is a source out of Sag Harbor NY for Marimekko fabric and Unikko bedding etc. Check out the Textile Arts website: I love the tablecloths and the bedding fabrics and am tempted to get them for yardage. Oops, until I saw the price. Oh well. Maybe I can ask for a Christmas present of a yard of fabric ($42/yd). Love those huge blue and red flowers!

WOW in New Zealand
The 21st Montana World of WearableArt (WOW) Awards were announced on Friday, Sept. 25. They had 165 garments entered this year. The Supreme Montana WOW Award went to David Walker of Juneau, Alaska for his 17th Century ball gown "Lady Of The Wood." The piece is made entirely of mahogany and lacewood with 52 strips of maple and cedar veneer for the hooped skirt. The wig is made out of wood shavings. Walker is a carpenter who has been creating Wearable Art for ten years. I'm looking forward to learning more about him.

I Found WOW Photos!
I found photos, titled One Weird and Wearable Festival! David Walker's piece is among the 31 photos. Some of these designs are really worthy of note as garments. I loved some of the effects and styles. I look forward to finding more photos and getting some details.

As long as you're looking at this slide show from Australia, look at the menu below it to find photos from the Paris runways. If you haven't seen McQueen's egg-shaped 10" heels, here's your chance. Dangerous to walk in but certainly eye-catching.

Lolalee aka Lucy-fur
As you see, Lolalee is right there with mom even when falling asleep. She's resting on a new book which is sitting on top of my box of new Jacquard Indigo dyes. Smart kitty! And yes, she does have tortoiseshell attitude! I tried to catch her when she droops in sleep but I caught her drifting off--close enough without tormenting her.

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