Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rachel Clark's Exhibit, Part 2, and more

This is part 2 of Rachel Clark's artwear show held at Back Porch Fabrics in Pacific Grove, CA. Please look back to the last post to see Part 1. No matter how carefully I arrange the pages and the photographs, and check and double check in their Preview format, I can depend on things shifting when I finally publish the blog. I probably need to learn more HTML to control spacing. In the meantime, I'll repeat the image where the name got cut off and then continue with more of the show. Thank you again to Jean Dunn for taking these photos and to Rachel Clark for putting together the exhibit.

But first, some Bits & Pieces of Artwear News
* Go to this site for an excellent look in sewing with men's ties. I like seeing them on the bias. Looks like draping is a bit of a problem with all the seams adding stiffness, but still think it's a stunning look--the best I've ever seen made from ties.

* Katherine Tilton is Marcy Tilton's sister. Now she too is writing for Threads magazine and creating Vogue patterns. She's also having a show in Minnesota and takes those tours to Paris with Marcy. Read all about it:

* I used to buy Selvedge magazine, waiting to get some real nitty gritty sewing details. I discovered the articles were rather shallow, and what was really interesting to me was all the advertising. It's great to find so many inspiring websites, however, I don't need to be paying $20-25 per issue to see the same ads. I still get their marketing emails and thought the site they mentioned would interest you too:

* Rachel Clark put some great photos from The Eye Of The Beholder, Alaska Fiber Festival Fashion Show 2010, up on Facebook. The ladies really went all out with fantasy ideas. These garments remind me more of the WOW show in New Zealand than the old Bernina Fashion Show. Bravo ladies! Unfortunately I discovered that the url I saved doesn't work and you have to sign in as a member. If you're on Facebook you might be able to look around for Rachel's post. In the meantime there is another set of photos online:

And now, back to the show from Pacific Grove, CA!

Can you see that this says Midnight in Moscow by Karen Boutte?

Some folks made a quilt to match the garment; I'm assuming that's Vicky's quilt in the photo. If not, I'll let you know with my next posting.

Please let me know if I missed anyone or mislabelled any photos. Now I have a real sense of what's involved in posting so many photos. Please note that everyone maintains their own copyright so please don't be tempted to duplicate their work.

I look forward to hearing about the techniques used in these garments. If you want to tell me more, please send me an email (find it in profile or via Google). If you've been to a show and have garment photos to share, please give me a shout and I'll put them up if I can--I do need to get permission from the organizer of the exhibit. Thanks Rachel! Till next time, stay well. Rosalie

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