Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sewing Expo Puyallup Tour

Hi all, this is late breaking news. I was just reading news from Marsha McClintock of Saf-T-Pockets patterns etc. ( I know that it's hard to get a room in and near Puyallup at the time of the Sewing and Stitching Expo (starts Feb. 27). Marsha says she still has room on her tour. It sounds like a great deal. You fly in or drive to Portland OR, join the tour which takes you by bus to Puyallup, includes a room and some meals for two days, then brings you back to the starting point. Had I paid attention sooner, this would have been ideal--none of the fuss of trying to find a room and transportation to the show. Just go and it's only $209. It's on her website, go have a look. She also has expo registration information at the site.

Marsha also shared information about a tour she's taking to NY. The information took me to the high point of my evening:
Click on all the text on the main page. There are fabulous photos at every turn. Talk about inspired! I love Koos Van Den Aker's ideas, just have to remember to use them when I'm in the fit of creativity and planning wearable art.

Did a little fme (freemotion) practice this week and turned it into a glasses case. I enjoy doing easy circles and they worked so well with the dot print.

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