Saturday, January 17, 2009

Sloper Class Online

Just a quick note to tell you that Donald McCunn is starting an online sloper class on Monday, January 19. I've had his book for years and trust what he offers. Go to for more information including a YouTube demonstration. Here's some of his blurb:

How to Make an Upper Torso (aka Bodice) Sloper
This class shows how to create an Upper Torso Sloper that can be used for either women or men. You can use this sloper to create a wide variety of different styles of tops, shirts, vests, dresses, and gowns from either woven or knit fabrics.

The videos show both how to fit someone else and how to fit yourself without a sewing buddy. The class is structured so that you can view the videos that are appropriate to your needs and skip the portions you are not interested in.

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