Saturday, May 9, 2009

The Fashion Show on TV

Something you'll hear me repeat over and over is that art you wear isn't really successful art if it doesn't fit well and if the proportions are wrong. No one sees the ART very well if their subconcious senses there's something wrong with the garment. It's kind of like when a wonderful painting is put inside any old frame instead of one that complements the art. I thought that was brought out loud and clear in the new tv show, The Fashion Show--that's why it's back on my mind.

Yesterday was a very full day here. By the time I got home 8 hours later, I was exhausted--to the point that I completely forgot that Isaac Mizrahi's new fashion show was going to be on at 10 pm. I watched the news, oblivious. I finally remembered at 11:05! But my dears, we have two websites happy to show us the details if you missed it too.

I would recommend you watch the show first on the tvsquad site because all that you see is the entire one hour video with a few 15 second commercials. If you go to the second site (bravotv), you will immediately see who lost. Yes, there's a lot of info on that site and better closeups--but I was glad to watch the show all the way through first, and then to go back and see the closeups and not have the surprise spoiled. But my gosh, how wonderful to be able to watch this show over and over!

Yes, I have a million opinions. I'm annoyed with them for not moving from the original Project Runway formula. Why would it have hurt to try a different format? Yet I like some of the tweaks to the familiar routines. They are an enhancement to the Project Runway show, and it's a tougher competition (I think, for one, because of who is judging and how). I won't say more so I won't spoil it for you. I am thrilled to have both shows available to us. We can never get enough sewing and fashion shows as far as I'm concerned. The fact that they talk about fit and proportion and show us what they mean is so good for wearable art.

Part of my long day was going to Rupert, Gibbon & Spider Inc. to pick up my order (I used a narrow back road through a forest just for the adventure of it). They are selling a thin off-white pdf silk noil for $1 per yard. A bolt is 50 yards. I love working with noil, I'll be able to dye the fabric as I need it, and do anything I want to it because at that price I feel freer to experiment. They also have a flawed white burnout rayon/silk velvet for the same price. Now that one is definitely for experimenting. If it works, I'll have scarves or collar bands or appliques. I also went for one of their indigo dye kits.

I love dye kits because it doesn't take much effort to get started. They provide most of what you need and you quickly get to the experience of dyeing. This one I expect to use on a jacquard cotton upholstery-weight fabric and some white t-shirts.

I've had my easter-egg-dyed silks sitting around, finally overdyed them with Kool-aid, about the time I found out these dyes don't last more than a year. Good thing I didn't go to the trouble of doing shibori! I like the colors though. Blue jays have been coming by pecking at them (wrapped in plastic wrap) on the deck so it's time to bring them inside and finish them off with rinsing and drying.

I picked up a new printer at a very low price--hope it works! I just can't be without a printer/scanner, and waiting for help from HP Support is driving me nuts. They're apologetic but it's been two weeks trying to fix this thing with me following their instructions and just using up a lot of ink and getting nothing. While I wait for results, I at least have an inexpensive backup machine, so here's hoping things will get rolling on this blog again.

Now what can we do to have a conversation about the new tv show? You can write to me in the comments. Or we can try this: rosekcookeATaolDOTcom. I would really like to hear your opinions about this show and of course anything else having to do with wearable art!

Before I forget, the new Threads magazine is out. In the midst of other interesting articles, Claire Shaeffer has written about Yves St. Laurent. The photos she has included are of some of my favorite pieces in that museum show. More on that later, cheers, Rosalie

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