Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Stolen Wearable Art

Meryl Ann Butler reminded me that her ensemble that I mentioned in the previous post was one that was stolen. Here's an image of The Dawn of Remembrance: Egyptian Mysteries Unveiled.

Meryl Ann goes on to say:
"It was in the Fairfield Fashion Show 1997-98 (Ensemble pieces designed and created by Meryl Ann Butler. Headpiece designed by Meryl Ann Butler and Wendy Bush Hackney, and created by Wendy. Staff designed and created by Wendy.) c. 1997
The ensemble was stolen from the trunk of my locked car in the Sherman Oaks area of Los Angeles, August 8, 2001. It is listed at Lost Quilt Come Home:
and on the LAPD Stolen Art website."

Wouldn't I love it if we could find it for Meryl Ann! Sharee Dawn Roberts who was lecturing in Europe, had all her magnificently freemotion-embroidered clothes in one trunk. It disappeared between venues. It's just heartbreaking! If you're not a believer, this is an example of the value of these incredible garments--somebody sure covets them.

In another reference to Meryl Ann and her book, please go to her website which I neglected to mention:

And yes, I'm still up to my eyeballs working on the jacket. For fun I thought I'd try the pattern without my usual adjustments, just to see how wrong I might be in always making changes. First thing to go will be the horizontal pocket line which falls right at the apex of my big diabetic belly. It was like a big arrow pointing. I'll either place the top of the pockets lower or eliminate them entirely. Happy New Year everyone!

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