Monday, December 15, 2008

Wearable art for the new year

No matter how well I plan, time always runs short. I accepted a challenge to make a garment from fabrics from the M&S company. These are from Australian aboriginal designers which have always caught my eye but I didn't particularly like the colors. This batch had much more color so I was eager to begin. I mentioned earlier how I had placed an order with a store in Fort Bragg. I discovered I didn't have enough so drove to a store an hour away, Shelley's Quilted Treasures in Kelseyville, and she had exactly what I needed to round out the stash. So did I start right in with cutting? No. That deadline of Dec 31 is rushing at me!

I think this blog is another form of procrastination, darn it! Actually it took time to think about what technique I wanted to use. This fabric is special and brighter than I normally wear, so that means I want to limit what ends up emphasizing the front of me. Be as it may, I'm going to share with you the pattern I've chosen. More information about the pattern will follow later--right now I'm waiting for permissions. The jacket or vest I'm about to make is the Tombo, but I'm showing you both new patterns from The Mulberry Leaf.

I won't be able to share photos of the jacket in progress or finished until I know if it will be published or not. Normally if a photo is being published the publishers have first rights to the image. But at least I can show you the fabrics I've chosen and then maybe I will finally cut into them this afternoon. It's snowing and raining outside, so except for looking at whiteness on the far slopes, I have no need to be outside and distracted much.

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