Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yves St. Laurent video lecture

Hi, I'm still hunched over my sewing machine, making "quick gifts" for sale. The sale is on Sunday and I have to wonder if anyone will show up, in the meantime, I'm almost ready. But while I sew, interesting things are going on around me. The one event I've been waiting for is the display of fashions from Yves St. Laurent at the De Young museum in San Francisco. It has begun and with all my intense personal stuff going on, I missed rejoining the Textile Arts Council and getting in on the various lectures and docent tours they usual schedule for these events. However, today I got a reminder from the museum and lo and behold, they have made videos of some lectures and so we're in luck! I haven't had time to watch the whole thing yet, it takes 1 hour and 35 minutes, but what a nice way to catch up on an important lecture and slide presentation. Go here to see it:

I've also been delving into finding ethnic fabrics. M&S fabrics have some new collections of Australian aboriginal designs. I used to be less than interested because the colors didn't appeal to me. But now they've discovered the rainbow and pastels and I'm excited to try some of them. If you search M&S fabrics on Google you'll eventually find the one that has a store locator for your state.

An exciting shop that's over the mountains from me in Fort Bragg CA, is Fabric & Art ( You'll find fabric from the world as well as fabric art supplies--and good service both online and by phone. In that same small coastal town you'll find Ananse ( from whom I've bought African fabrics and wonderful handmade baskets. Both websites are worth a look. I have to get myself over those mountains and have a look-see at those shops! cheers, Rosalie

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Fiber Focus said...

HI! I came over to take a peek and see what your blog is about. Am looking forward to seeing some photos of your work. Glad to have you in our Fiber Focus Group. Hope it will be a source of inspiration and new connections for you.

I saw that you are looking for ethnic fabric. Do check out my store on Etsy as that is my focus and it's a very tiny niche these days... but, I love it!!!

Have a wonderful Holiday!